These are pictures from the recent SA Folk Dance Festival and workshop.

Daniel Sandu was teaching Romanian dances

Daniela Ivanova taught Bulgarian dances

She included also a bit of culture corner - showing areas of Bulgaria on the map,
demonstrating clothes and musical instruments of the Bulgarian folklore

The children's dances workshop was done by Angie Taylor

Some of the teaching was Sunday morning, followed by lunch

Sunday afternoon George Fogg taught English Country dances

The Saturday night concert included many excellent performances
The Emcee was Anthony Shay, the founder of the AMAN Dance Company.
He also was the recepient of this year's National Folk Dance Award

The Texas Folk Dance Award was given to Nelda Drury

The Ballet Regional Mexicano of San Antonio opened the concert with a Mexican dance

The Karpaty group from Baton Rouge presented Hungarian dances

The Houston International Folk Dancers brought a suite of Czech dances

The Zavicaj of Houston performed Serbian dances

The Komenka Dance Ensemble of New Orleans surprised us with a Chinese ribbon dance

The Csárdás group from Austin performed a suite of dances from Szatmár (Eastern Hungary)

The Fandango dance group of the San Antonio Parks & Recreation Dept. performed Spanish dances

Daniel Sandu performed an "American" tap dance that was a fascinating fusion between Romanian, Gypsy and American motifs

The Village Dancers of Austin brought a suite of Israeli dances

The second performane of the Houstonian Zavicaj was a Vranjanska suite

The closing number was again Komenka
Their extremely imaginative and colorful Mardi Gras Suite ended with a classic New Orleans tradition
hurling beads into the cheering crowd