Sherry and I (Denes) went to New Mexico for the SWIFDI Folk Dance Camp, August 4-7, 2005

Here are some pictures from that event.

Yves Moreau was teaching Bulgarian and French Canadian dances:

Maria Belebekov gave Bulgarian singing lessons in the pleasant outdoors.
Most of the time she was accompanied by her husband Vassil Belebekov playing the kaba gaida - the Bulgarian bagpipe.
Often the other Bulgarian musicians joined in the fun.

Yves also gave an introductory lesson of playing music with spoons - note how the hands are blurred
as they move fast with the rhythm

Becky Gordon was teaching dances from West Africa. These dances involve vigorous movements that are quite foreign to us.
You can hardly see the arms as they move.

Backy was helped by a number of enthusiastic musicians.

Yves also gave a lesson about the rhythms of the Balkans, particularly about the uneven rhythms of Bulgarian folk music

During Happy Hour some musiciand gathered to play a bit of classical music

Every night there was a folkdance party - unfortunately my camera does not work well in the semi darkness...