San Antonio Folk Dancers is a nonprofit organization. SAFD was started as an organization dedicated to recreational international folk dancing in the fall of 2004 by only four dancers. Two of them are still dancing with the group. SAFDs first leader was Sherry Marton who passed away in 2011.
SAFD has no formal membership structure (no membership application or fee) but is governed by a 5 member Board.
SAFD hosts weekly folk dances and sometimes participates in special events organized by others. SAFD collects $3 at most dances from adults who can afford such contribution. The money is spent on the maintenance of the organization (web hosting and such), on dance music, on dance videos, on support of regular dancers to participate in workshops and on supporting other charitable causes. Members do not get paid for teaching dances or for other activities performed. SAFD does not solicit funding and unsolicited voluntary contributions to SAFD are not tax deductible. SAFD has a code of conduct that is displayed at dances.

After a visit with our group Amanda Reimherr published an article in the San Antonio Express News on August 24, 2005.
Here is the article as posted on the paper's web site: SA Express News Article